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  • What is Marriage Enrichment All About?

    Marriage Enrichment® provides couples with an assessment to assist them in maximising their marriage potential. This assessment will ask you questions in a step-by-step format to gauge where you are in your marriage relationship. It was developed on solid training material presented worldwide.

    The assessment can help you with the following:

    • Increasing the satisfaction and motivation in your marriage.
    • Discovering and releasing the full potential in your marriage.
    • Discovering the dynamics of your marriage relationship as well as identifying gaps.
    • Maximising each individual's roles and strengths in the marriage.

    You have to fill up your car and service it from time to time in order for it to perform optimally. In the same way marriages and couples have to be enabled to achieve their full performance. So whether you have been married a few weeks or a few decades, this assessment has been specifically designed to help you learn where the greatest strengths and growth opportunities are in your marriage, as well as provide practical first steps to make your marriage great!

  • We are problem solvers with a passion for excellence.

    Our goal is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your business and personal life based on real life and sound needs-based assessments.

    We design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business or your personal life in order to ensure you finish strong and well. During our highly engaging turning point and customised coaching interventions, you will discover how these initiatives help you in demonstrating measurable results

  • Why do people and couples use Marriage Enrichment?

    Simply to help them with the following:

    Discovering and identifying the specific dynamics and design of their marriage. Understanding the dynamics of every person is a crucial factor in managing marriage relationships effectively. One of the key discoveries of Marriage Enrichment is that, unless there is a clear understanding in the mind of each person of their roles in the marriage, it is inevitable that misallocation and mismanagement in the marriage will occur. The Report of Marriage Enrichment will give you the necessary information to maximise your relationship for the benefit of both parties.

    With the Comparison Report we enable couples to gain an understanding of the unique differences between them and/or resolve conflict. The report will help you enhance and improve your relationship. It will empower you to generate acceptance, create agreement, unity and cooperation within your marriage. You will be able to avert misunderstandings and discord. The unique profile can be studied in order to make wise changes. You will also be able to discover strategic gaps in the composition of your marriage and implement the necessary changes.

    The results:

    • Help couples to work on real issues.
    • Determine areas for development.
    • Increase marriage satisfaction and unity.
    • Align expectations between husband and wife.
  • How to become involved with Marriage Enrichment Assessments

    You have three options:

    • Do an assessment as an individual or couple and enjoy the benefit of discovering more about your design and how to maximise your strengths and abilities in your marriage.
    • Become a Marriage Group Leader by training other couples as well as taking them through the assessment and thereby obtaining the ability to apply the assessment tool. The application will enable you to communicate with your clients, allow them to do assessments in their own location and compile reports. As a Marriage Group Leader you will be able to compile the different reports.
    • Become a Marriage Assessment Master Trainer.
  • What is the history behind Marriage Enrichment?

    Marriage Ministries International was founded in 1983 by Mike and Marilyn Phillipps. Currently there are over 20 000 MMI leaders leading Married for Life groups in their homes around the world.

    Marriage Ministries is a non-profit organisation, ministering to marriages around the world in 90 nations and 40 languages. The basic class, Married for Life, is a13-week course for couples that is conducted in small groups in homes. Each week couples learn a scriptural principle that, when applied, can bring about profound changes in their relationship. A workbook complete with weekly lessons and homework is provided.

    In 2001 we developed the first paper test and shortly after that we developed the excel assessment, which was in use till 2013.

  • Who developed the questionnaire?

    Mario Denton, an Industrial Psychologist, executive coach, facilitator and business consultant. He holds an MBA, MECon as well as a PhD and DBA degree and has a passion for people. He has lectured at different universities across the world on People Management and Leadership as well as the elective Emotional Intelligence. He has devoted his career to people and complex and perpetual change. He uses his strong academic and corporate background and his uniquely effective coaching style to help people tap into their inner being to utilise their strengths and expand their skills. He has been a study leader of 160 MBA research projects.

    Mario says: In December 2001 at our holiday house at Pringle Bay,I was reflecting on the need for an assessment to help people to be more proactive and do an assessment of their marriage long before the wheels come off, as well as an assessment for sustainability. Being very familiar with the Married for Life course, I started drawing up a list of questions on the Friday afternoon, completing it on the Saturday. I have told my wife many times about the anointing I experienced at the time. We typed the questions, printed 1 000 copies and started testing them. The results were amazing.

  • What makes Marriage Enrichment unique?

    It is our vision to help couples be far more proactive and aware of their marriage strengths and development areas, as well as give advice on solid kingdom principles. Although there are other assessments, few if any approach marriage from such an intensive, integrative and solid perspective.

    • Assessment: Most other assessments describe only numerical marriage success without always having solid training material and application afterwards.
    • The assessment provides descriptions of high, low and mid-range scores for all 13 factors.
    • Comparison report: Most assessments leave it up to the user to compare profiles of two people and interpret similarities and differences. Marriage Enrichment provides both graphical and written feedback with direct comparisons of strengths and struggles of the 13 factors.

    Marriage Enrichment was developed based on biblical principles and designed to describe profiles based on the following 13 dimensions.

    1. Covenant or Contract Relationship
    2. One-flesh Relationship
    3. Roles and the Power of Synergism
    4. The Laws of Sowing and Reaping
    5. Forgiveness
    6. Faith and Vision
    7. Spiritual Intimacy and the Power of Prayer
    8. Agreement
    9. Flowing together
    10. Physical Intimacy
    11. Spiritual Warfare
    12. Life Patterns and Transformation
    13. The Power of One
  • How does Marriage Enrichment compare with other well- developed assessments?

    There are similarities but we are never in competition with each other. Although there is a place for quick fixes, standalone and event approaches to marriage enrichment, we believe in rather addressing these issues in a small-group format.

    Marriage Enrichment is based on years of application of the material worldwide. We have completed around 1 500 paper assessments and given feedback before and after each course over the years. This material therefore has a very long history of use and thousands of people are well trained in the course. We are also committed to doing rigorous and extensive ongoing psychometric development and further validation studies. People who are familiar with the course are impressed with the information and accuracy of the course content.

  • How long does it take to complete the Marriage Enrichment Assessment?

    The assessment itself takes on average 30 to 40 minutes to complete. Just like with medical check-ups, we believe an assessment should be done again from time to time.

  • How to use the Marriage Enrichment Assessment

    This instrument is similar a 5-point Likert system of evaluation and allows you to focus on your current marriage enrichment right now. In order to use the information, several key concepts need to be understood.

    • We all go through different seasons in our marriage and have certain differences in personality and thus are motivated by different circumstances, opportunities and environments.
    • These differences in motivation enable us to do some things better than others.
    • Different does not mean wrong; therefore, we should accept and respect those whose personalities are not like ours. It is not our role to change others.
    • All profiles/people have strengths and weaknesses. Profiles should not be used as excuses to ignore bad habits or character flaws.
    • By understanding our marriage challenges and personalities, as well as how others differ, we are equipped to better manage our own lives and work more effectively with others.
  • With all the other marriage training and books, why did you come up with Marriage Enrichment Assessment?

    Mario and his wife, Mariene, noted that during the many years they have been counselling and coaching families on their marriage excellence, they frequently observed couples who do not experience fulfilment in their marriages and also saw the devastating impact of divorce. It concerned them greatly that so many couples divorce and were not aware of their strengths and development areas and therefore were not experiencing fulfilment and enrichment in their marriage. This resulted in their vision for what is now Marriage Enrichment®. Additional applications were later developed for pre-marital couples, as well as for parenting.

  • How many people have done the Marriage Enrichment Assessment® and does it really works?

    It is not possible to give an exact number as the free sample assessment has been available on excel and about a 1 500 paper copies have been released.

    As the family goes, so goes the nation. As the nation goes, so goes the world. Our assessment and training will help prevent families from falling apart

    Over the past ten years we have used these assessments before and after the 12-week course and have personally experienced a significant impact on the results.

  • How much does the Marriage Enrichment Assessment cost?

    The assessment is comprehensive and currently provides different feedback categories. It also provides in-depth analysis for two-person comparisons. We also realise that simply doing the assessment today is not enough. What sets successful married couples apart is the way in which they make the action plan part of their life and aligning it with the desired outcomes. The key problem today is not the lack of thinking, but rather the challenge of executing the action plan.

    R 250 per person or R500 per couple. You will receive a discount if you take it through your coaching couple.

    But what are marital problems really costing our families? Do you know what a series of sessions with a professional psychologist will cost to try to fix problems in your marriage?

    So what is the urgent and sincere plea? Do the assessment and renew your vows on your wedding anniversary.

  • When is it the right time to do the Marriage Enrichment Assessment?

    Now. It is amazing that we have courses for any kind of training. People often want to escape doing an assessment. Don’t! Do the reality check now. Leaving it can cause more pain and damage and can be a real disengagement factor. Getting married and parenting are often not accompanied by additional training. Yet there is perhaps no more challenging undertaking than to invest one’s life in your marriage partner and children. An entire destiny hinges on the outcome.

  • One more time: Do you really believe in pre-marital, marital and parenting assessment?

    Yes. When two become one, it should be for a lifetime. Assessments and training can help in making a difference in the years to come. Research in different countries has shown that dysfunctional family life is the biggest problem, with fatherlessness at the centre of the problem. What would happen if a captain of a 747 Airbus leaves Cape Town International to fly to New York and the compass and GPS are out by one degree? Where do you think he or she would land? It would be an absolute disaster.

  • How valid is the Marriage Enrichment Assessment?

    Validity is a unitary concept. It is the degree to which all the accumulated evidence supports the intended interpretation of the scores for the proposed purpose. Accumulated evidence can come from many places. Often marriage training involves cognitive reconstruction and looking at the past. With this future-based assessment and coaching we believe the solutions are valid, solid, process based, real life and inside out.

  • How reliable is the Marriage Enrichment Assessment?

    Would you allow a doctor to prescribe expensive medicine without doing a detailed diagnosis and evaluation? The answer is NO. We believe in having reliable information and getting to the root issues and challenges. Marriages go through different seasons and stages like the dream phase, disappointment, discouragement, distance, disconnect, discord and emotional divorce phases. Do the assessment. It is not too late. Please be proactive.

    Reliability estimates provide an index of how precise and error-free a tool is in measuring the desired constructs. To achieve this aim, specific steps were taken to ensure reliability:

    • Negatively phrased and key items were avoided.
    • Questionnaire instructions were standardised.
    • Questions were balanced in blocks of ten to standardise the numbers of comparisons across different dimensions.
    • Items were written and reviewed against clear criteria.
  • What is the research history behind the Marriage Enrichment Assessment?

    Briefly, the assessment was developed over an eight-year period using standard psychometric principles and testing several hundred people. The assessment is not based on or derived from existing instruments but was developed from the course material using the different factors as clusters.

  • In what settings do you recommend using the Marriage Enrichment Assessment?

    The Marriage Enrichment Assessment version is designed to give couples the tools to improve themselves in the marriage. Understanding the personalities, strengths and struggles, and the many aspects of how couples operate individually and with each other people is valuable for anyone in a marriage situation. This knowledge enables you to maximise the enrichment and engagement of couples by understanding their roles, environment and communication. It is definitely not a nice-to-do and a waste of time. Real-time, fine-tuning sessions with a serious success agreement and goals afterwards will ensure sustainability.

  • Do I need to be a coaching couple to interpret the Marriage Enrichment Assessment?

    Yes and no. The couple is just there to assist you and helps as a sounding board. They have been specifically trained in the process. Marriage enrichment assessments are used in a variety of contexts where feedback forms an integral part of the process.

  • Do I need to be certified to use the Marriage Enrichment Assessment?

    Yes. Various support materials are available to help you understand the analysis and you do need to be certified in the use of Marriage Enrichment. The benefits of being trained include:

    • a better understanding of the behavioural analysis of the profile
    • thorough insight into the theory and background of marriage analysis
    • directions for administering the system profile
    • a guide to the interpretation of the system profile.
  • Can I become a reseller of the Marriage Enrichment Assessment®?

    Yes, please contact us for more information. We are looking for partners to assist us. If you are interested in an effective way to earn additional income, then consider becoming a partner. As a partner you’ll have a great opportunity to promote and sell assessments directly.

  • Can I load Marriage Enrichment on to my computer or server?

    No. Marriage Enrichment® is completely online and cannot be loaded on to personal computers for proprietary reasons.

  • Do people have to log into a website to use Marriage Enrichment?

    Yes. Marriage Enrichment is entirely online and accessible from anywhere in the world. A person can log into Marriage Enrichment using theworldwide web. As an individual you will be given a unique log-in and password to do your assessment.

  • It is too late now to do the Marriage Enrichment Assessment?

    It is never too late. Sit down and consider my advice: Take your marriage relationship seriously and be humble enough to do the marriage service. Honest communication cannot be treated as an option. It needs to be a requirement. Have a teachable mind-set! Unresolved issues can become a time bomb. You therefore have to resolve them.

  • The problem in my marriage is on the other side.

    It is amazing how often I hear this response. Many people think they don’t have a problem or simply deny it. Measure things on a 369–degree basis and ask whether what you do is right, fair and just. But this requires a lifestyle we are sometimes unwilling to adopt or a sacrifice we are unwilling to make. Boeing 747 pilots have to take a simulation test before they can renew their licences every year, but in our marriages we manage our relationships from one year to another without doing a marriage simulation annually. Change starts with you. So fix the problem, resolve the real issues − and start with yourself.

  • Any other symptoms that will indicate to me that I need to do the Marriage Enrichment Assessment?
    • You sometimes wonder whether there is something missing in your marriage.
    • You feel lonely even when you are together.
    • You act negatively towards each other or are not emotionally connected.
    • You lash out and hurt each other verbally.
    • You are feeling dissatisfied with your marriage.
    • You have a conflict over differences.
    • Problems drive you apart.
    • You wish you could change things in each other.
    • There is a lack of tenderness and sexual intimacy.
    • You often misunderstand and misinterpret each other.
    • You have reasons to be dissatisfied with your marriage.
    • You have difficulty in expressing your needs to each other.
    • You are emotionally attached to someone else.
    • You feel you are at war and feel and act like strangers.
    • There is little excitement about being married to each other.
    • You have no hope that your marriage can be better.

    If this is the case, please do the assessment.

  • Any other questions?

    We thank you for the opportunity to be of service. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of this assessment, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.